Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The 5 most successful college dropouts

1. Bill Gates : This guy dropped out of Harvard to start Microsoft Inc.  with his college friend Paul Allen. He actually got support from his parents to drop out of college because they had confidence in their son and knew how passionate he was about computers.

Interesting fact : Bill Gates and his wife Melinda started the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and is the largest transparently operated charitable foundation in the world (Wiki).

2. Steve Jobs : The CEO & Founder of Apple Inc. dropped out of Reed College in Portland, Oregon after just one semester. He started working as a technician in a video game manufacturing company and four years later founded Apple with two other colleagues.

Interesting fact : Steve Jobs went to India in search of spiritual enlightenment and came back as a Buddhist with his head shaved.

3. Mark Zuckerberg : This guy doesn't need any introduction. He has changed our social lives. The Facebook CEO & President  dropped out of Harvard to create Facebook with his three other college friends.

Interesting fact : In college, Mark Zuckerberg was famous for reciting lines from epic poems such as The Illiad.

4. Larry Page : The Google co-founder dropped out of Stanford University while pursuing a Ph.D in Computer Science. He was doing research on linking web pages and then collaborated with his senior Sergey Brin to find Google Inc.

Interesting fact : He takes an annual compensation of $1 from Google Inc.

5. Sergey Brin : He co-founded Google with Larry Page when both of them were pursuing Ph.D in Computer Science at Stanford. He also dropped out of his Ph.D program alongwith Larry Page.

Interesting fact : He also takes an annual compensation of $1 from Google Inc.


If you are passionate about something, nothing can stop you from achieving it. Above all the things that you learn in college, by far the most important of all is figuring out what you are passionate about. Nothing great can ever be achieved without being passionate about it. The one thing common to all the above 5 people is their passion about what they do. It is the single most thing that will determine your altitude in life.

" Your courage to fulfill your dreams comes from passion, not position "
                                                                                             - John Maxwell

Monday, December 27, 2010

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Things to do as Freshman in college

Socialize and make friends
Most college students would agree that friends are one of the best and most important things about college. Getting to know others through your classes and sharing the same dorm are one of the easiest ways of making friends. Some students are shy and joining a club or getting involved in some Student organization is another ways and means of making friends.
Meet your advisor to talk about your major and courses
Some students come into college not knowing what they want to study. Talking to your advisor helps a lot to figure that out. Based on your interests, your advisor would be able to suggest to the classes that would be most appropriate to take in your first semester. Also go to and find out about your professor. It makes a big difference!
Make a study schedule
It is important that you take a couple of hours everyday to study and do home work. It might not sounds as fun but you can make a study group with your friends and classmates. Think about getting good grades at the end of your first semester and what it means to you. One of the truth about college is there is no escaping studying. You need to devote time to study in order to be successful in college.
Talk to your Professors
Take the opportunity to meet with your professors. They want to help you out and there is always something that more that they have to offer. You also need recommendation letters when you apply for scholarships or grad school. Maintaining healthy and friendly relationship with your professors would certainly get you a good recommendation !
Get Involved
Check out the Student organizations at your campus. They are a great way of making friends and also doing something that you like. Sports, journalism, community service, leadership, business and a variety of clubs of different interests are there to be a part of. It is also a great way to network which is one of the most important things that you learn in college.